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Chillies Indian Cuisine
Isle of Man

by hassanp2007
Jan 04 2015
The original restaurant were we sat near Madonna table . The best restaurant on the Island....

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The Jetty Cafe

by frankie
Mar 06 2014
Absoluterly superb lunch in comfortable easy-going surroundings served by friendly owners with a desire to simply be the...

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Cleopatra Restaurant & Juice Bar

by Nas3
Sep 08 2014
I purchased a chicken shawarma wrap and went back to the office for me to find myself chewing on not one but TWO pieces of...

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The French Horn, Sonning on Thames, Berkshire

The French Horn
Sonning on Thames

The French Horn has an excellent reputation for its food. We really understand food and drink, and treat our ingredients with love and care. Our cooks take the best seasonal produce, and use it to create delicious classical dishes that allow the flavours to speak for themselves. It’s also, of course, about excellent service and a fair price!

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The Hop Garden
Isle of Man

The Hop Garden, Santon, Isle of Man Surrounded by acres of beautiful landscaped grounds and gardens where you can sit and enjoy any occasion. With good beer, good wine, good food, good company and a relaxed atmosphere our professional team will make sure your time at the Hop Garden on the beautiful Isle of Man will be one to remember.

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