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The Basic Package

Promote yourself online and engage with current and potential customers

Your own Establishment's web page - Location Map - Opening Times - Detailed Information - Contact email - Upload one main image

Concise business description - a meaningful overview of your restaurant, bar, pub or club in 500 characters

Get feedback from your customers - valuable market research, for free!
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Promote Your Business

Boost your business even more with a corporate identity, photos and news

Add your logo or establishment street sign to your web page

Use our "Business News" service to get your message out (even Advertise Special Offers)

Upload up to 8 images - because pictures speak louder than words

Add other URLs like your own website, your Face book pages and your Twitter pages

Upload PDF files or ZIP files like menus etc., for immediate customer download

Full business description - tell your prospective customers a lot more about yourself with up to 1,500 characters of text

Determine your own keywords to improve your search engine results on such as Google

Respond you your business reviews and interact with your clients.

Be found by more people... Your establishment is listed in up to FIVE categories of your choice
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Top Placings for Your Business

Create a high visibility presence in your business category - attract more clients

Top placement in search results. Appear right at the top when a user searches within your chosen category.

Premium advertisement placement on your competitors’ pages.

No competitors' ads of any kind displayed on your page.
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Get massive exposure from our Super Premium package

In addition to all the benefits of a Premium Listing as shown above, SUPER PREMIUM status means that your establishment is regularly featured in one of four PRIME AD spots on our home page (ads are rotated equally amongst Super Premium Members)
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