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The Swiss House
St Johns
Isle of Man

by mousyb
Feb 16 2013
Nice meal last night at the Swiss House: the food was delicious and the staff very helpful. The quantities, however, are...

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The Hand and Trumpet

by ltoach
Jan 27 2013
We recently ate at the hand and trumpet, the food was exceptional, as were the staff who served us. The hand and trumpet...

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The Swiss House
St Johns
Isle of Man

by grahamer
Feb 16 2013
Enjoyed a nice meal at The Swiss House last night. The service is very courteous and attentive, the food is of good quality...

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Restaurants in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

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3 Cornwall Place, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 1SB
17 Pitchford Walk, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 7BU
40 High Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3HB
11 Well Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 1EW
39 Nelson Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 1DA
2 High Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3HF
8 Meadow Walk, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 1RS
8 Meadow Walk, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 1RS

63 Lowndes Way, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 3EL
18 Castle Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 1BP

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The Feathers, Dersingham, Norfolk

The Feathers

The Feathers is located in the small Norfolk village of Dersingham, only one mile from the Royal Sandringham Estate. The building is of local carrstone and is steeped in royal history. Formerly a coaching inn called The Lamb, which was purchased as part of the Sandringham estate for Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and renamed `The Feathers

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The Portland Arms

The Portland Arms, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire The Portland is one of those rare pubs with two seperate bars in the old saloon and lounge style. On one side is a small and quite intimate bar, while the other side has some lovely wood panelling, an open fire and a big sturdy old bar. Elsewhere there may be a gig going on - it's that type of place. Greene King ales are on tap for you.

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